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At the Elkhart Clinic, we offer three levels of physician services: Primary Care, Specialty Care and Urgent Care.

Whichever level of care you select, we maintain a single, comprehensive record of your medical history and treatment information. Your physician at the Elkhart Clinic has quick and easy access to this record whenever he or she needs it, thus ensuring the smooth continuity of your care.

Primary Care.
When a member of our Adult (Internal) Medicine or Family Medicine physician staff has been established as your primary care physician, your general medical care - and any routine health problems - will be served by this physician. All services required to meet your health needs will be coordinated by this physician, who will also provide you education in disease prevention. Should you have an urgent medical problem, it is our recommendation that you contact your physician immediately.

Our Adult (Internal) Medicine and Family Medicine Physician Specialists recommend a comprehensive physical examination on a periodic basis. A patient's health, age and family history are important factors in deciding intervals between examinations. We recommend that you discuss with your physician how often a complete physical is needed. Unless you are ill or have a chronic condition, your primary care physician typically recommends the following periodic schedule for a comprehensive physical examination:

          Age 18-39....................every three to five years
          Age 40-49....................every two to three years
          Age 50 and older..........every one to two years

Specialty Care.
Modern medicine is so complex that, for some medical problems, you will need a specialist or sub-specialist in medicine or surgery. Elkhart Clinic specialists and sub-specialists are available to our patients through their primary care physicians, who will make the appropriate referrals. Our specialty physicians also are available for patient self-referrals, unless the patient has a problem that needs urgent attention. In such cases that apply to you, your primary care physician should make the necessary arrangements.

Urgent Care.
This is a vital service to those who require quality medical attention on a walk-in/non-appointment basis. Urgent Care examination and treatment is not intended as a substitute for complete or continuing medical care, but exists rather to meet your immediate needs. Your primary care physician should provide follow-up care. If new medical problems are uncovered during your Urgent Care examination, these will be reported to your primary care physician as soon as possible and included in your Clinic Record.

Urgent Care is available Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until noon at the Clinic's main campus, 303 South Nappanee Street.

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